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At Harmony Property Management we specialize in managing Apartment Buildings, ensuring that they are operating at maximum performance, we protect your investment, When you have a good property manager there is no reason that you should have 20 to 30 percent vacancies, which cost you money.  When move out notices are given, showings should begin right away, this is called a back to back rental, if you have a property management company that rents to only good tenants, then their rental units should be clean and presentable to show by 24 hours notice, if not than the property management company must of rented to dirty people in the first place and that's not what you want. You want clean professional working class people to occupy your rental units, that's what we specialize in.

Important Notice; We no longer offer the 4% management fee due to increased operational cost; Want us to find you a good tenant, this is what we offer one of 2 options;

Option 1; Rental Agent Services; Without one year property management contract will be a rental commission of one months rent equivalent.


Option 2; Rental Agent Services; With one full years property management contract will be discounted to $500.00 rental commission and 7% percent of the rent income for a year.


Apartment Rental Specialist;

We understand that your property is your biggest investment. You can count on us, to ensure your property is operating at a maximum level by keeping your apartment units full at 100% percent occupancy with good long term tenants. We specialize in;

1) Professional Rental Agent,

2) Tenant Retention Issues,

3) The importance of suitable tenant placement in harmonizing yourbuilding community, 

4) Proper Up To Date Rent Roll and Collection.

Feel free to contact us whenever you are ready, we are waiting for your call!

One of the most common mistakes a first time landlord will do is use a  tiny "little For Rent Sign", that no body can see, like the one above! Many times the telephone numbers are not clearly visible. Our Professional Apartment Rental Agents know the importance of placing "Large For Rent Signs" in the window that are clearly visible. Many times "for Rent Signs" are being read from the road inside a car, its important to  making sure the telephone number is in "Large Bold Print" and is legible from the street distance like our sign on the right! is mobile ready!

New Christian Radio Station for London, Launch date; July 2019. Harmony Radio is Thankful to Harmony Property Management Services for its generous financial support in helping make London's second future Christian Radio Station to be launched in July 2018 which will be committed to the support of church and familly in the community.

Six Month Guarantee;

We are so confident that we will find you a good tenant that for that extra $125.00 you can upgrade to our Signature Rental Agent Services Package which includes a six month guarantee that the tenant we find for you will pay the rent during tenancy or we will at our own expense begin legal process through our paralegal department at our own expense, yes we will "Evict and Replace" at our cost. Let us give you peace of mind!

What makes us the best Apartment Rental Agents in the industry is that we ensure the best tenants are found for you so that you may use our services again!

Unlike Apartment Superintendents, when it comes to renting apartments we answer the Telephone 24 Hours a Day and do not believe in answering machines. Statistics show that the majority of potential tenants are lost due to not being available to answer the telephone.

Unlike most property management companies who only show apartment during their work hours, we show 24 hours a day / 7 days a week including Holidays and Weekends. 

For a small additional fee we have Cleaning staff Professionals who specialize in making Apartment Units "Ready for Show" condition!

Unlike real estate agents who are busy trying to sell houses for bigger commissions sometimes conflict with their time to rent apartments, our company primarily designates "PROFESSIONAL RENTAL AGENTS" that just focus and specialize in renting apartments, this gives us a tremendous advantage and positive spin-offs in the marketplace with proven results.

Most Real estate Agents or Property Management companies charge outrages fees and commissions for Rental Services like up to first andlast months rent.

But We Offer all the above services for a small fee of $375.00



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