We don't want to give away all our secrets, but one of them is that we delete and repost our kijiji advertising at several intervals throughout the day. And we enjoy doing this once we have seen our competition is done posting their advertisings. This is called "Market Conduct Manipulation". It increases our calls and traffic volume being our rentals are at the front of the kijiji page receiving maximum exposure to the market.

Some of the reasons why we are so successful in finding our clients good tenants are because we keep up with today’s age of technology by advertising your rental property on KIJIJI and other internet sites. Our staff “Delete and Repost” the advertising at several intervals throughout the day to keep up at the front of the page. Knowing the peak times of viewing traffic is essential to success, being readily available to answer the incoming calls via cell phone, “No Answering machines”, and being able to reply to incoming emails and text messages. Specializing in screening the incoming calls and setting daily appointments to show the units that are “Ready for Show” condition. Being able to make good judgement on applicants, their character, credit history and overall impressions then taking the time to personally fill the application package for the applicant for your approval. At Harmony  our “Professional Rental Agents” will never leave a applicant walk away with a application and will always secure a deposit with the application to ensure tenant does not go looking elsewhere.

Call us and make an appointment today;

 We will come to you, take pictures of your property for rent and list it right away, we are so confident that you will like our services that we require no money up front, once you approve a tenant we have found for you we will deduct our $375.00 fee from the first and last months rent collected on your behalf and give you a receipt  with your money. All we require from you is your signature and a Key to the unit.

 New tenants are always on their best behaviour when they are looking for a new apartment;

Our rental Agents specialize in reading body language, taking notes of new applicants, overall appearance and attitude in making determinations to ensure New Applicant is suitable for the apartment unit and Pays rent!

Some of the notations that are performed by our experience Rental Agents are;

1) does the applicant smoke?

2) does the applicant have pets, is there pet hair or fur all over his clothing?

3) is the applicant a hoarder?

4) is there a possibility the applicant may bringing over bed bugs or cockroaches?

5) does the applicant have a history of domestic violence or police involvement at previous address?

Some consider our Investigative Policies Intrusive, but it works, we don't care what others think, we just want to please our client Landlords by ensuring we find them only the best of tenants that will be clean, responsible, long term and well fitted in their new apartment building and community. Should it be required we  go as far as filing out applications at applicants home to make personal notes on overall cleanliness and impressions.  After all this system works well for us!