Imagine buying a house without knowing what similar houses are selling for. Imagine buying a car without the due diligence. Surprisingly, a lot of commercial property owners are "flying blind" when it comes to know just how their building compares with their local market.

Harmony Property Management Services will show how to optimize your building with a comparative market analysis so that you can eliminate your vacancy and receive the most favourable rental income possible. You'll have a solid foundation for how to conquer your local market using strong cash flow analysis tools.

Many realtors will perform a CMA simply to obtain a listing with you. However, because their information is not specifically geared for optimizing your cash flow, it is often assembled with half-hearted efforts. Consequently, valuable details are often omitted.

Our CMA is compiled with only your maximum rental income in mind. As part of the CMA, we will "mystery shop" nearby buildings to see exactly how you rate in comparison with your main competitors in terms of price, location, quality, building age and the overall availability of your support staff.

Our CMAs are available individually for $3000 or it is included free with your turn around contract for your whole building. For more information, contact your turn around specialists today.