Have you ever wondered what your apartment  looks like from the vantage point of a prospective tenant? Is your rental agent  friendly? Is your apartment superintendent available to show your property? Does he answer the telephone from incomming calls for rentals or maintenance? or are your calls being lost due to a answer machine?  How do other buildings in the area compare? Chances are that you have thought about these very question.
Mystery shopping is very simple. One of our representatives pretends to be an interested renter for one of your buildings. We perform a similar analysis on the neighbourhood buildings. You will then know exactly how well you compare to the area market in terms of price, condition, location, amenities and just how friendly your staff is. This has a overall impact on you!
Your customized report is available to you for the low price of $500 per building or it is included FREE with your turn around contract for our Property Management Services.
One thing is for sure, we live in a very competitive market. If you don't know how you compare to your local competition, you can't optimize your position in the market. Let Harmony Property Management Servicesyour turn around specialists show you how to optimize your apartment building for prospective tenants today.