What do you do if you have a number vacant units? What if even worse, these units will not rent because they require too much work? What if even still worse than that, you can't afford the out of pocket costs required to fix those units to get them in rent able condition?

Well if you're like most building owners, you've probably accepted a certain amount of non-performance. Your lost income opportunity is sitting idly by.

Here's the good news. Now there's a better way.

Harmony Property Management Serviceshas private lenders who work with us to loan the rehab costs to you at no costs to you. They are paid off by collecting rent on the newly occupied units until they are paid off. In 3-12 months, depending on the rehab condition, you will have fully repaired, fully occupied and fully performing units. After that 3-12 months, those units will be 100% paid for and generating profits for you and you will not have paid a cent to get them up to optimal market standards.

Certain Qualifications must be met, We have Painters, Cabinet Makers, Carpet Layers, Floor Layers, Drywall, Plumbers and Electricians that are ready  to and able to work for us. 

For example, lets say in order for your rental unit to be made "ready for Show" condition requires a "Paint Job" well, as a option to you we offer with every "Apartment Rental Agent Contract" a "Painting Contract" with no money down, we will only collect for the paint job once apartment is rented. For additional upgrades and services we can tailor our contractual agreement into a short term payment plan. For larger upgrades we can extend the payment terms over a longer period of time.


We have staff members that just specialize in floor, tile and carpet replacements.
We have the best painters in the industry! One of our most popular rehab is our "No Money Down" paint jobs. 
Try our services out, you have nothing to loose, with "No Money Down"!