Upon signing a Rental Agent Service Agreement with us, we will provide you with free recommendations that can assist in making your apartment unit "Ready for Show" condition. With the recommendations could be a estimate for cleaning services, should you choose to use our cleaning services a separate "Cleaning Service Contract" shall be signed with "No Money Down". Our professional cleaning staff will then begin to clean the apartment to make it "Ready for Show" condition. 

 With "No Money Down" let our professional cleaning staff come down and make your apartment "Ready for Show" condition! Our rates vary depending on condition of unit. The average is between $75.00 to $150.00 per unit. Our Professional Rental Agent will gladly give you a "Free Estimate", upon acceptance of our estimate we will begin cleaning "Right Away". Remember "No Money Down", you only have to pay us after your New Tenant has moved in!

1) Having clean bathrooms, is so important, it must be sparkling clean!

2) There is nothing worse than a bathtub that is old and stained. We have a staff member that just specializes in refinishing bathtubs, to make them look new again. 

3) Clean mirrors and cabinets are so important.

4) No leaks or drips is of real importance.

5) Make sure exhaust fan is operational and not noisy!

6) Most of all a very clean toilette bowl!


1) Having clean light fixtures, free of bugs and debris.

2) New light bulbs that are bright and on.

3) Replacing all burnt out bulbs prior to showing!

4) Replace all old out of date light fixtures with new modern stylish light fixtures.

5) Make sure all light sockets and plug outlets are working and clean.

6) Remove dust from top of ceiling fans.

1) All Windows, must be sparkling clean!

2) Studies have shown that having windows open, with a small breeze prior to showings helps in making the apartment feel like a new home!

3) Make sure all torn up screens are replaced.

4) Make surethat all window locks are working!