Rent retention is preventative measures that are placed to ensure your property has maximum continual optimum performance.

           This includes having your property peak at 100% occupancy and to ensure it stays at that status quo. There is no reason that any good well maintained property cannot operate at this kind of efficiency. A well maintained and managed property never has vacancy, and/or empty units. The only available units are those scheduled to move out 30 to 60 days down the road, those units should be showed and rented right away way before the tenants even move out.

           Rent Retention also involves preventing Move Out Notices, we do that by placing preventative measures in place like making your property the place and home that tenants would have no reasons to move out. We do this by maintaining the property in a professional and lovely fashion. Dress it up with flowers. Professional superintendents are also very important, clean lobbies, entrances, hallways, common areas, elevators and well lit clean laundry rooms. Outside appearances are just as important, trees, flower baskets, well maintained lawn.

           Rent Retention involves going through your entire rent roll to see who has expired leases, by approaching your tenants and asking them nicely to renew their leases for a year, that is done by offering them a incentive gift, like a "New chandelier" for their dinning room or movie tickets as a example. Our Professional Rental Agents are  well reversed in obtaining these new lease commitments and only charge you $100.00 per successful recommitment by a tenant.

          These are just some of the Rent Retention skills that are utilized to help you achieve optimum performance out of your property, not only that it brings your property value up and your property is making money. This is also what lenders and bank managers are looking for when utilizing your property to borrow against. 

 This Bank manager is well please with this couples Optimum Performance of their Apartment HighRise!

 This Bank manager is not well pleased with the previous HighRise Owner who needed money to fund and repair empty units that have been sitting around vacant for months.

Having a property with expired leases is "Risky Business"! What if all your tenants were to give notice today? Build some security by letting our "Professional Rental Agents" renegotiate your expired leases.
A small gift can go a long way in securing "Rent retention" when it comes to renegotiating expired leases. Let our "Professional Rental Agents" do the job for you today for a small fee of $100.00 each.