This is what our "Rental Agent Contract" Provides;

1)  Our Professional Rental Agent takes pictures of Rental Unit, and designs effective advertisement kijiji, the advertisement is deleted and reposted daily by our management team, this ensures maximum exposure to the market.

2) Our Professional Rental Agents properly Screen all incoming calls from interested parties, makes appointments and show the rental unit.

3) Our Professional Rental Agents assist interested applicants in properly filling out applications with all necessary attached documentations, which include pay stubs, photocopy identifications, landlord references for landlords consideration for approval.

4) Our Professional Rental Agent always collects a deposit with every application, issues a receipt to applicant.

5) Our Professional Rental Agent properly investigates all applications, their credit history, references, qualifications  for the apartment and report findings to landlord for their approval.

6) Upon approval, our Professional Rental Agent will prepare and draw up a lease, witness the signing between new tenant and landlord, collect balance owing for first and last months rent and issue receipt.

7) Upon closing our Professional Rental Agent will complete a complimentary move in inspection report, have it signed by the new tenant, then issue keys to the new tenant upon move in date and satisfaction of closure.

Upon closure of these transactions, Our Professional Rental Agent will settle the account with the landlord by deducting the $375.00 commission and transfer the balance of any money left owing to the landlord with a statement of accounts and a complimentary Cubin Cigar!

 Tired of having "Bad Tenant Experiences", worry no more, let our Professional Rental Agents solve that problem for you today! For a small fee of $375.00, with No Money Down we will find you a excellent tenant suitable for your building. Pay only Once New Tenant moves in! 

1) Long term, not a problem!

2) No pets due to allergies, not a problem!

3) No smoking, not a problem!

4) Quieter Building, retirement settings, not a problem!

What our clients want is what they get! You have nothing to loose but only to gain, with Harmony!

Sometimes it is good to consider, what is cheeper? to spend $375.00 on the services of our "Professional Rental Agent" ? or  to experience this;
Make your decision wisely, we are not trying to scare you, just trying to give you a touch of reality;

One thing for sure by using our "Professional Rental Agent Services" you will not end up with the "Rent Dodgers"!