Harmony Property Management Services strive in the skill of "Screening Tenants" properly. Our Specialized Rental Agents know that the first contact with a potential new tenant is the screening process, it is so important to properly screen the callers prior before making an appointment to show them the available apartment. Why waste energy on showings if the shopper will not be able to qualify for the rental in the first place. A person on limited income or unemployment that only makes a little cannot afford to rent the apartment, and our Landlords cannot afford to take the risk. As such it is important to ask questions prior to see if they qualify for the credit approval prior to showing your unit.

Screening questions (prior to showing) that can be asked are;

1) Do you currently have a job? Are you on O.D.S.P.?  We will require copy of pay stubs. 
2) Do you have Landlord Reference?
3) What is your income?
4) Do they have pets? (we have tenants that are allergic to pets) We permit cats if they are fixed!
5) Would they be suitable for the apartment available?
6) Do they smoke?
7) How long do they plan on staying?
8) Are they short term students?

The List goes on. First impressions on the telephone are just as important to the "Professional Rental Agent" as the impressions recieved upon showing the rental unit. Important notes are made that help in the "approval or declining" process of all applications.


1) Unit "Ready for Show Condition"

2) Properly Screening the calls!

3) Making Appointments Showing the Unit!

4) Properly Filing Out Application with proper attachments! 

5) Securing a Deposit with Application (this ensures tenant does not shop elsewhere).

6) Properly investigating application in approval process.

7) once approved Securing proper lease and complete move in inspection report with new tenants.